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Christian Fandom Book Ballot

Please use this form to rate books for the Christian Fandom web site. You may wish to submit a review of a work which is not yet listed, or you may wish to add a comment to an existing review. (Note: Please comment on the work itself, not other comments.) If you clicked on this page from an existing book page, the author and title should already be filled in for you. If not, you can fill it in yourself. Note: Before recommending a work which is not already included on the Christian Fandom web site, please make sure that, in your opinion, it meets both of the following criteria:

  1. The work has a Christian message, deals with Christian themes, or has significant Christian characters. (The work does not have to be created by a Christian.)
  2. The work is fantasy, horror, mystery, science fiction or western, or contains significant content in or related to those genres. (For example, non-fiction works which discuss genre works, or biographies of genre authors would qualify, even though they do not, in and of themselves, qualify as genre works.)

Book Information

 Note: For works with more than one author, list as many names as you can fit into the field. However, for anthologies or collections, just list the name(s) of the editor(s), rather than the individual contributors.
 Note: For new book submissions, please include the name of the publisher, followed by the year of first release. For example, "Whozit Press, 1992."


Your Vote:0 Points:
"Reviewed by" (for works which you consider to be poor, but which should probably be listed in the Shared Reading List for the sake of completeness, even if they're not good enough for the Recommended Reading List.)
1 Point:
"Suggested by" (for works which you like, but suspect others might not, or which you don't like, but think others might. A sort of a "Your Mileage May Vary" category.)
2 Points:
"Recommended by" (for works which you consider to be good, and worth others seeking out.)
3 Points:
"Highly recommended by" (for works which you consider to be excellent or outstanding.)


 Note: If this is not enough room for your review, you can send a separate message with the full text of what you want to say, and we will incorporate it together with the information on this form. (Or, if you like, you can copy and paste the text from this form into your E-mail client, fill in your answers, and send the whole thing to the Christian Fandom webmaster.)

Voter Information

Your Name:
Your E-mail Address:
Your Web Site URL:
 Note: Because we don't want the Christian Fandom site to be a place for spammers to harvest E-mail addresses, we do not list the E-mail addresses of people who review works. However, we do want to give you credit, so the normal procedure is to put a link from your name as it appears on the review to your web site, if you have one.
Amazon.com Associate ID:
Amazon.ca Associate ID:
Amazon.co.uk Associate ID:
 Note: In order to encourage people to submit content to the web site, we allow reviewers to use their own associate IDs from Amazon. Therefore, if you give us your associate ID, we will code the review so that the commissions from any sales prompted by your review go to you. (If you don't have an associate ID, you will need to obtain one from Amazon in each country.) If you don't provide associate IDs, then we will use the Christian Fandom associate IDs, and the commissions will go to paying Christian Fandom's expenses.
Other Affiliate Code:
 Note: If you have affiliate status on any other web vendor (such as ChristianBook.com), we can't design the code for you. Please get the HTML code for a text link to this book and paste it in here.

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