Do you think it’s time to repair or replace the old roof of your house? Check the red flags before you call a roofer. Many homeowners conclude that they need a new roof after seeing a hole in their ceiling. But they don’t know that this failure could have led to many other roofing issues. What factors will ultimately decide if a roof patch will solve the problem or whether a roof replacement is required? Here are some tips for figuring out if a new roof is required.  

1. Old roof 

Most analysts believe that the average roof will last between 20 and 25 years. It also depends on whether the old roof is patched. If ventilated properly, you only have one shingle layer. If the roof is constructed on another sheet or if it has multiple layers that is more than 20 years old, then a new roof might be needed. 

2. Rolling and curling shingles 

Another sign that a new roof is needed is if the shingles are curling, rolling, bent, or folded. Check for direct sunlight on the slopes of your roof as that could mean that the shingles are beyond their life expectancy. You’ll usually find missing granules too. It may also mean that the roof is already faulty. You’ll need a licensed roofing contractor get this fixed.  

3. Missing shingles  

Missing shingles is a clear sign that a new roof is required. Snow and rain could have washed away those shingles. Your roof is damaged and vulnerable to leakage. The missing shingles should be replaced immediately or else the whole roofing system will fail.  

4. Failing structure 

If the roof seems to be leaning on one side, then it must be replaced immediately. It means that the structure that supports the roof is no longer as strong as it used to. Since its strength is already compromised, then the safety of your home, property, and family is at stake.  

5. Faulty flashing  

Damaged flashing must be replaced immediately. Do not neglect this fault as it is a matter of major concern. If your roof has a faulty flashing, then it may be necessary to install a longer-lasting waterproof fitting to replace it.   

6. Clogged gutters 

Always check the gutters as you check the roof. The functionality of your gutter can dictate the functionality of the roof. Gutters are responsible for directing water away from the roof. If it is not working properly, then your roof will soon leak.  

7. Daylight through the roof panels  

As you walk through the house, check if you can find a spongy look on the ceiling. It indicates that the base of the roof is threatened with rain. Check the attic to see if there’s light through the rooftops. You might also need to do a moisture test to check if the roof’s insulation is still in place. 

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