Are you still undecided whether you want to have a driveway installed in your home? If this is your case, keep on reading this article as we discuss the major factors you should consider before you select a driveway and install one: 


If curb appeal is vital for you, you should install a driveway that stands out. To realize that you need to consider what you are up against, what type of driveway will suit and match your home and what your personal tastes are. 


Thinking about the budget along can either make or break any projects for home improvement. The costs of your driveway resurfacing or installation will turn on different aspects, which include paving material, paid assistance, adjacent landscaping, drainage features, driveway dimensions, and design elements, such as lighting and curbs. If you want to use the least expensive and you’re in a tight budget, aggregate or gravel is the perfect option for you. You can also consider paving stones, concrete, and asphalt.  

As soon as you’ve decided on your allotted budget intended for your driveway project, you must think about how you will pay for it. The options for that would be your personal savings, low-interest credit card, unsecured personal loans, other home loans, line of credit or home equity loan,  

Dimensions and shape 

You will be required to plan the course and shape of your driveway, especially if you are just starting it from scratch. The majority of the driveways in urban areas are straightforward. They are usually behind their houses, street side, alongside, squarish or rectangular pads. In rural and suburban areas, you will have more freedom. Before starting your project, you need to pinpoint and they mark off the boundaries and exact route of your driveway. You have to ensure that it is sufficiently wide for a basic passenger vehicle and a bit of allowance. Consider any unconventional shapes, such as an outdoor or turnaround parking area, into the calculations of your driveway’s dimension.  

Local regulations 

Before you spend your bucks into your driveway project, you need to guarantee first whether it is approved by the authorities that you can do that. Usually, exclusive municipalities regulate home improvements with heavy hands. The homeowner’s association could possibly ban particular colors or materials altogether and they could be less forgiving. 


How much effort, money, and time are you willing to use when it comes to the maintenance of your driveway. Recommended maintenances widely differ from every material type to another. For instance, gravel is affordable and easy to maintain, while asphalt is high-maintenance and needs to be paid attention every few years. Aside from that climate and geography plays a role as well. Asphalt, for example, does not specifically hold up well to repeated thaws and freezes, while gravel is susceptible to erosion in severe rain and it’s difficult to clear it up throughout the winter season. 

If you are now decided to continue and start your driveway project, contact Driveway Newcastle now.