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What We Do

What does Christian Fandom do?

Our primary functions are to:

That sounds kind of vague and general. What does Christian Fandom DO?

Specific activities we engage in include:

What about evangelizing?

Christian Fandom as a group does not do evangelization, revivals, tent rallies, or proselytizing in any way, shape, or form.

This is because:

  1. Even within the sphere of Catholicism/Eastern Orthodoxy/Protestantism there are (sadly) theological differences such that coming up with materials acceptable to all three groups would not be easy.
  2. Within the science fiction community, active evangelization is looked upon with horror and disgust. Many of those in SF fandom who are atheists and neo-pagans came out of Christianity. SF fans have a violent knee-jerk reaction to being "preached at." They are convinced that all that Christians are interested in doing is stuffing a Bible up their nose, and any attempt at team evangelizing, no matter how well phrased or intended, would cause more problems due to negative visceral reactions than it would accomplish. Mass evangelization attempts of any kind are anathema. (If it makes those of you chomping at the bit to evangelize feel any better, SF fans have the same view towards Scientology's attempts to infiltrate SF fandom that they would towards you.)

Instead, one of the functions of Christian Fandom is to equip individuals to do one-on-one evangelization (which is the most effective kind anyway.)

Thus, though we may put together reading lists and resource lists for distribution, we will not do tracts of any kind. (If you, as an individual, wish to pass out tracts at an SF convention or place them on the freebie table, you are of course welcome to, but you cannot do this in the name of "Christian Fandom." Again, we are a support group, not an evangelization group.

For the same reason, Christian Fandom does not issue tracts.

Is a Christian Fandom meeting a worship service?

No. While we usually begin and end with a prayer, and are available to pray with people afterwards, worship service-type stuff (hymn singing, sermons, communion, etc.), is not done at the meetings. This is mostly due to differences still held between various denominations (e.g., who gets communion, etc.), partly so as to more comfortably accommodate those non-Christians who attend. Likewise, Christian Fandom parties do not have worship services.

If anyone at a Christian Fandom meeting wishes to receive prayer for anything, or wishes to pray for someone, this is arranged for on an individual basis after the meeting.

Christian Fandom meetings are a good place to find rides to local churches of your own denomination, and this has been done often in the past. Sometimes, worship services or prayer meetings are scheduled by Christian Fandom members, but we do not usually label these as "Christian Fandom" events; when this is done, any denominational affiliation is clearly labeled. (This is because there have been some problems at some SF conventions in the past – like "pre-Nicene Gnostics" advertising a "Christian" worship service. It's a long and ugly story...)

NOTE: This text is copied from Ross Pavlac's original Christian Fandom Home page, and is © 1996 Ross Pavlac.

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