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About Christian Fandom

Christian Fandom is an interdenominational fellowship of fans interested in the courteous and accurate representation of Christian viewpoints in genre fiction fan communities.

Christian Fandom first met in 1982 at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. It has since met at every year's World Science Fiction Convention, along with regional meetings from time to time at Minicon (Minneapolis), Windycon (Chicago), etc.

At this time Christian Fandom is an informal organization with no official membership rolls, or any official status (other than with INTERNIC.) You are welcome to take part in as few or as many Christian Fandom activities as you wish, without any forms to fill in or fees to pay. Many people have contributed much to the organization since its founding in 1982, and, with God's help, many more will contribute in the coming years.

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This web site is the result of contributions from dozens of people over the years. The first version of the Christian Fandom web site was put up by the late Ross Pavlac. After Ross' death, Ron Oakes kept Christian Fandom going. Additional material was provided by Greg Slade, who merged his old Science Fiction and Christianity (SF-CHRISTIAN) site into the Christian Fandom site beginning in April, 2000.

Thanks to Joel Peter Anderson, Bill Bader, Cheryl Bader, Diane Joy Baker, William Barrese, Jamie Beck, Donna Farley, Elliot Hanowski, Cathe Hoerth, Karen Husmann, Lee S. King, Larry Kramer, Hal D. May, Shannon McNear, Jill Nelson, Ronald B. Oakes, Ross Pavlac, Berni Phillips, A.M. Roelke, Rick Shepherd, Robert Slade, Steve Stanton, Florence Wright, and Frank Wu, who have submitted art work, essays, links, reviews, comments, stories, and other material. Each resource is credited with the name (and, where possible, a link to the web site) of the person who submitted it.

The "fish" logo for Christian Fandom was created by Stephanie Redmon.

The navigation buttons for the horror and science fiction sections were created by Triche Osborne using Corel PhotoPaint. The font "Casablanca Antique" used in the horror buttons was licensed through Corel.

The files in the horror section have been edited with Vim and SlickEdit.

The files in the western section have been edited with CuteHTML.

Most of the other graphics used on this site were either created or modified with GraphicConverter.

Most of this web site was created on an Apple Macintosh with PageSpinner, and the font "Blair" used in the main navigation buttons and the font "Wanted LET" used in the western navigation buttons are licensed through Apple Computer, Inc.

This web site was tested for HTML compliance with iCab.

This web site was tested for link integrity with Xenu's Link Sleuth.

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